Circulair wood for the neighbourhood

understanding willingness to recycle wood in the Dapperbuurt, Amsterdam


Since 2016, the Amsterdam Dapperbuurt in the East of Amsterdam, has its own Zero Waste Lab (ZWL), a collection and recycle centre for separated household waste. Drawing on the specific case of wood as a waste-stream, the project Circulair Wood for the Neighbourhood supports the ZWL (initiative of the foundation De Gezonde Stad) realizing two of their ambitions: (A) to transition from recycling to up-cycling; (B) to transition from awareness raising to social engagement and shared ownership. The project is a partnership between the ZWL, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Research Group Psychology for Sustainable Cities & Research Group Digital Production) and Verdraaid Goed (a Rotterdam based company up-cycling devalued materials by research and design). The project Circulair Wood for the Neighbourhood contains three components/sub-projects, 1) research on the wood waste stream and possibilities for production; (2) research on design possibilities, and (3) research on stakeholder involvement. This is the final report of the sub-project stakeholder involvement led by the research group Psychology for Sustainable Cities. This sub-project specifically examined the psychology behind the decision making process of residents to hand in (or not) separated household wood waste to the ZWL in the neighbourhood of the Dapperbuurt and proposes possible interventions.

Reference Geertman, S., & van Gent, M. (2018). Circulair wood for the neighbourhood: understanding willingness to recycle wood in the Dapperbuurt, Amsterdam. Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Maatschappij en Recht.
11 October 2018

Publication date

Oct 2018


Stephanie Geertman


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