Indoor and outdoor heat stress reduction


Within the Resilio project, the Hogeschool van Amsterdam has researched the cooling and insulation effect of blue-green roofs on the indoor temperature.

The project was an unique opportunity where newly installed blue-green roofs could be compared with reference and green roofs located nearby. This gave insight in the thermal behavior of different types of roofs. In this field study we examined the impact on surface temperatures, indoor temperature and insulative properties of blue-green, green, and conventional gravel/bitumen roofs in the city of Amsterdam.

Reference Solcerova, A., Föllmi, D., Corpel, L., & Kluck, J. (2022). Indoor and outdoor heat stress reduction. In Final report - the building-scale performance of blue-green roofs (pp. 34-63). RESILIO.
30 March 2022

Publication date

Mar 2022


Dante Föllmi


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