Fenix Project In A Nutshell

Personal Reflections


Introduction Resilience, pivoting and adaptability are what inspired the name of our project: Fenix. This name refers to the phoenix, the mythological animal that was born again from its own ashes. We consciously chose to deviate from the Dutch version of the name, which is written as feniks, but also from the English version phoenix. So we chose something in between with the intention to be recognized in the Netherlands, but also leaving the door open to go abroad in the future. This mythical figure has become our logo, as you can see from the cover of this publication.

At Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the team was very eager to learn more about entrepreneurial failure. We had long and inspiring working sessions and meetings with entrepreneurs, trying to figure out the best way to research this topic.

Reference Alvarado Valenzuela, J. (2021). Fenix Project In A Nutshell: Personal Reflections. In J. Alvarado Valenzuela, N. Blagburn, & J. Martens (Eds.), Project Fenix (1 ed., pp. 15-23). Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences & Northumbria University. https://issuu.com/knijnenburg/docs/fenix_project/s/13252461
Published by  CAREM 1 September 2021