Urban Technology

Public charging infrastructure use in the Netherlands: A rollout-strategy assessment


Analyse van de verschillen in het gebruik van de zogeheten ‘demand-driven’ en strategische laadpunten. Onderzoek naar de uitrol en het gebruik van E-Laad oplaadpunten in Nederland (EN).

This paper provides a detailed analysis of the use of these ‘demand-driven’ and ‘strategic’ public charging points and the implications of these rollout-strategies by analysing charging transaction data from 788.336 transactions on 1.913 public charging points between January 2012 and February 2015. Results show that demand-driven charging points show higher energy transfers and longer connection durations, and that strategic charging points generally have a higher number of unique users and have a large share of rarely used charging points. With regard to charging profiles, most demand-driven charging points, and well-used strategic charging points show high peak loads during working days and especially demand-driven charging points show a high share of nighttime chargers. These results provide insights in the use of public EV charging points which could contribute in the development of new rollout-strategies.

Gepubliceerd door  IDO-Laad 27 juli 2017


jul 2017