Urban Vitality Open Science


This information concerns the chapters of the Urban Vitality/Mensen in Beweging research manual. We have worked on them over the last year in close collaboration with PhD-students, (junior-) researchers and the AUAS Ethical Committee. We were inspired by the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, the anti-research waste movement and principles of open science.

Most procedures described have not yet been formally approved by the respective faculties, although some stem from AUAS-policy. However, working along these lines increases quality, transparency and reproducibility of research (output) and decreases research waste. We may not cover the wide range and applications of practice-oriented research, but we think that most chapters hold true for all research disciplines.

The manual is primarily intended for AUAS researchers and is focussed at the scientific quality process. Of course there are other forms of integrity and quality, such as financial (project) control and other project management activities, but these fall outside the scope of this manual.

Gepubliceerd door  Urban Vitality 3 maart 2020