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Newsletter April 2021
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Final results available to share widely!

After two years of research, the Go Electric project (in Dutch: Gas op Elektrisch) has come to an end. More than 40 organisations, 9 researchers and 50 students contributed to the project. Together we developed practical knowledge about logistics concepts, charging strategies and behavioural interventions with the aim of accelerating the transition to zero-emission logistics for service companies. We wish you and your network inspiration!

Walther Ploos van Amstel (Professor of City Logistics) and Susanne Balm (Project Leader) | 
Launch event: watch the recording
We presented the results on 17th March 2021 during a livestreamed event, which is now available with English subtitles. In it, Go Electric researchers hear experiences and perspectives from a wide range of project partners from government, industry associations and business, as well as from students. The video (1.5 hours) is suitable for anyone interested in the transition to zero-emission service logistics, and can also be used for educational purposes. >> Watch with ENG subtitles | >> Bekijk zonder ondertiteling
Final report available in ENG and NL 
In the final report, the ‘Go Electric’ research team makes the case that one-for-one replacement of diesel delivery vehicles with electric ones is not the right approach. The transition to zero-emission service logistics involves strategic, tactical and operational choices in four aspects of business operations. With this broad approach, improvements in service logistics are possible; with less travel time for service engineers, fewer lost hours and fewer vans.
The extent to which zero-emission service logistics can be achieved depends on decisions about:
  1. Customers and Activities
  2. Personnel and Behaviour
  3. Logistics and Planning
  4. Vehicle Fleets and Charging Infrastructure
Folder with extra downloads
When you click on the following link you will access the folder where you can download the reports, press release and a selection of photos, figures and tables. You can also download the final report (ENG and NL) with one page per sheet (instead of double). 
Videos: service engineers speak out
Service companies Heijmans-Brinck and Feenstra are using electric cargo bikes in combination with logistics hubs. In this video the teamleaders and engineers share their experiences. >> Watch video with ENG subtitels 
Installation firm Grotenhuis has an electric delivery van. The company owner and an engineer tell us about the benefits and challenges when it comes to driving, loading space and charging. >>Watch video with ENG subtitels
Follow-up: Learning Community
To build further on the learnings and network from the Go Electric project, we started a Learning Community in February 2021. Dutch professionals, researchers and students can attend the online Vraag & Inspireer-hour which is organised every two weeks on Tuesday from 14:00 - 15:00 CEST. More information and dates: see our website. 

If you would like to discuss opportunities for European collaboration, please contact Susanne Balm at
Special thanks
We would like to thank Tom for the translation of the report and videos! >>
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