Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence

Policy evaluation report


In this policy evaluation report, the results of the first 2 years of the Interreg funded ABCitiEs project are presented. In total 16 entrepreneurship collectives have been studied in 5 partner regions, i.e. Athens, Vilnius, Varazdin-Cakovec, Manchester and Amsterdam.

The report contains an analysis of the cases and gives an overview of the most important opportunities and challenges faced by these cases. On the basis of these result, 4 policy directions have been selected in which improvement are considered most successful, i.e. access to funding, intermediaries, monitoring and experimental learning environments.

Also, the report presents the action plans that have been formulated on the basis of these policy directions for the cities involved in this project. In the last 2 years of the project, project partners will implement these action plans in their respective cities.

Reference Hagemans, I., van Hemert, P., Meerkerk, J., Risselada, A., & van Winden, W. (2020). Policy evaluation report. https://www.interregeurope.eu/abcities/library/#folder=1682
Published by  CAREM 30 September 2020