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Future Retail City Centre

Success factors for collective interventions in town and city centres


2018 has been another challenging year for many town and city centres in the UK. Footfall has fallen for the tenth consecutive year and more big name high street retailers have disappeared. However, the challenges facing the UK High Street are not particularly recent phenomena, nor are they geographically unique.

Therefore, the Institute of Place Management jumped at the chance to participate in the Future
Retail City Centre project, an initiative from Shopping Tomorrow, a Dutch retail and e-commerce
think tank.

The combination of retail and place management practitioners from The Netherlands,
Belgium and UK, and academics from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Manchester
Metropolitan University has resulted in a comprehensive review of how partnership and collaboration
among stakeholders can contribute to the development of strategies to counteract retail decline and
reinvent or reinvigorate town and city centres.

Reference Risselada, A., Weltevreden, J., & Warnaby, G. (Eds.) (2019). Future Retail City Centre: Success factors for collective interventions in town and city centres. ShoppingTomorrow. http://e-space.mmu.ac.uk/623715/
Published by  CAREM 1 January 2019

Publication date

Jan 2019


Anne Risselada
Gary Warnaby


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