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Validation of a dynamic linked segment model to calculate joint moments in lifting

A two-dimensional dynamic linked segment model was constructed and applied to a lifting activity. Reactive forces and moments were calculated by an instantaneous approach involving the application of Newtonian mechanics to individual adjacent rigid segments in succession. The analysis started once at the feet and once at a hands/load segment. The model was validated by comparing predicted external forces and moments at the feet or at a hands/load segment to actual values, which were simultaneously measured (ground reaction force at the feet) or assumed to be zero (external moments at feet and hands/load and external forces, beside gravitation, at hands/load). In addition, results of both procedures, in terms of joint moments, including the moment at the intervertebral disc between the fifth lumbar and first sacral vertebra (L5-S1), were compared.

A correlation of r = 0.88 between calculated and measured vertical ground reaction forces was found. The calculated external forces and moments at the hands showed only minor deviations from the expected zero level. The moments at L5-S1, calculated starting from feet compared to starting from hands/load, yielded a coefficient of correlation of r = 0.99. However, moments calculated from hands/load were 3.6% (averaged values) and 10.9% (peak values) higher. This difference is assumed to be due mainly to erroneous estimations of the positions of centres of gravity and joint rotation centres. The estimation of the location of L5-S1 rotation axis can affect the results significantly.

Despite the numerous studies estimating the load on the low back during lifting on the basis of linked segment models, only a few attempts to validate these models have been made. This study is concerned with the validity of the presented linked segment model. The results support the model's validity. Effects of several sources of error threatening the validity are discussed.

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Looze, M. P. d., Bussmann, J. B. J., Kingma, I., & Toussaint, H. M. 'Validation of a dynamic linked segment model to calculate joint moments in lifting'. In: Clinical Biomechanics, 7, 161-169, 1992.

Gepubliceerd door  Kenniscentrum Bewegen, Sport en Voeding 1 augustus 1992


aug 1992


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