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Malabsorption and nutritional balance in the ICU-faecal weight as a biomarker

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Malabsorption, which is frequently underdiagnosed in critically ill patients, is clinically relevant with regard to nutritional balance and nutritional management. We aimed to validate the diagnostic accuracy of fecal weight as a biomarker for fecal loss and additionally to assess fecal macronutrient contents and intestinal absorption capacity in ICU patients.


Wierdsma, N. J., Peters, J. H., Weijs, P. J. M., Keur, M. B., Girbes, A. R., van Bodegraven, A. A., Beishuizen, A. 'Malabsorption and nutritional balance in the ICU - faecal weight as a biomarker: a prospective observational pilot study'. In: Crit Care. 2011 Nov 9;15(6):R264.

Gepubliceerd door  Kenniscentrum Bewegen, Sport en Voeding 9 november 2011


nov 2011