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Symposium Training for Excellence


A free online symposium on Friday June 25, 2021 for scientists, coaches, teachers and other professionals interested in innovative, smart training methods in the fields of sports, music and dance.

Perfecting skills in the domains of sport, music and dance is a difficult challenge. Thousands of training hours, over several years, are necessary to achieve excellence. But overuse injuries and burnout lurk around the corner, potentially hampering progression and even leading to discontinued careers. Scientific research shows that with high quality practice it is possible to achieve more in less time, increasing the chances to reach (and stay at) the top, while remaining physically and mentally fit.

The Symposium Training for Excellence provides you with the results of the research project Training for Excellence (T4X). The aim of the research project was to design, implement and evaluate innovative practice methods in sport (basketball), classical music and contemporary dance to perfect the required movement skills.

During the symposium we will present the background and some key results of the Training for Excellence project. Additionally, we will explore how applied high-performance organisations across the different domains can use this knowledge to optimise their practice strategies. Following the presentation of the T4X project, three internationally renowned experts will present their research and applied work directed at optimising practice strategies and routines within the contexts of:

  • Dance (Janine Stubbe)
  • Sport (Paul Wylleman)
  • Music (Aaron Williamon)

Given the international speakers we have chosen to present the symposium in English.

Gepubliceerd door  Urban Vitality 31 mei 2021


Startdatum 25 jun


14:00 - 17:00 uur