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Urban Vitality

Inventory in the countries involved in the project

In the inventory phase interviews were conducted per country in order to get insight into the current and desired situation regarding supply and demand of adapted physical activity (APA). Per country at least four professionals were interviewed, from which at least two had insight into the demand of APA of the target group and at least two had knowledge on the supply of APA. To complement the interviews a literature review was executed per country to collect additional data.

The exact methodology used in the inventory phase can be found below.

The results of the interviews and literature reviews have been combined in a factsheet per country, which are shown below.

Furthermore, based on a questionnaire filled in by youth or parents/carers in all participating countries data were gathered about sports participation, experiences with adapted sports and the contentment about the supply of adapted sports.

Together with the factsheets these questionnaire data are the results of the APA demand per country. In May 2016 the partner countries shared these obtained results with each other during a partner meeting in Rome, Italy. In panel discussions the experts from all partners scrutinized the results. Each of the partners highlighted the results of their country and commented them in detail.

The results of the inventory phase, consisting of data from the interviews, the literature reviews and the APA questionnaire, are summarized in the inventory report which can be found below.

Gepubliceerd door  Kenniscentrum Bewegen, Sport en Voeding 28 juni 2019