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Exchange of best practices

Each country has identified the best practices to increase participation in adapted sports for youth in their country. In a partner conference in Kaunas, Lithuania the best practices were shared and discussed. A description of the best practices per country is found here:

During the phase of exchanging best practices, experts from one partner visited another partner to learn about the best practices or newly developed pilots. Before the exchange the visiting experts made a learning plan which described what exactly they envisaged to learn at the other organisation. Based on this plan the hosting organisation made a schedule for the visit. After return the visiting experts wrote a brief evaluation of the visit.

In this context in September 2016 partners from Portugal, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands visited the pilot of PAPAI (Personal Adapted Physical Activity Instructor) in Finland. In November 2016 a partner from Finland visited the Netherlands. In May 2017 partners from Lithuania visited Portugal. Reports of these weeks and evaluations of what the visiting countries got out of it can be found below.

Gepubliceerd door  Kenniscentrum Bewegen, Sport en Voeding 28 juni 2019