Urban Governance and Social Innovation

The story of Tony’s Chocolonely - update December 2020


This is an update of the teaching case published on entrepreneurshipcases.amsterdam. It is not openly available but can be requested by teachers.

This teaching case explains the story of social enterprise Tony’s Chocolonely. Tony’s is a mission driven company that sells chocolate with the aim to ban slavery in the cacao industry. Currently, they are market leader in the Netherlands and have also entered the market in several European countries and the United States. In this teaching case their journey is discussed and three specific topics are highlighted: transparency in the value chain, Tony’s organizational culture and telling and selling Tony’s story.


Reference Hogenstijn, M. (2021). The story of Tony’s Chocolonely - update December 2020. Innovation Exchange Amsterdam.
Published by  CAREM 1 January 2021

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Jan 2021



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