Urban Governance and Social Innovation

The Different Faces Of The Urban Digital Economy


What will a shopping street look like in 2025, when online shopping continues to show double-digit growth? And what will 3D printing do to factories and logistic companies, when we can ‘print’ more and more products at home or around the corner?

The digital economy is one of the most pervasive game changers in cities. It creates and destroys, and affects the way cities function in many ways. But what is exactly the digital economy about? How big is it? Which types of transformation is it provoking in urban economies? And, importantly, what can local governments do to cope with the digital transition and foster sustainable urban development?

Reference de Carvalho, L., & van Winden, W. (2015). The Different Faces Of The Urban Digital Economy. In W. van Winden, & L. de Carvalho (Eds.), New urban economies: How can cities foster economic development and develop ‘new urban economies’ (pp. 20-24). (Urbact II capitalisation). URBACT.
Published by  CAREM 1 April 2015

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Apr 2015


Luís de Carvalho


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