Urban Governance and Social Innovation

'New urban economies': challenges ahead


Europe’s urban economies do not look the same as ten years ago. And in ten years from now,they will again be different. The digital revolution is particularly disruptive: entire sectors are being transformed, old players are losing out, newcomers are taking over, and competition is fiercer than ever.

At the same time, citizens are not just workers in companies, but many become independent entrepreneurs, and active producers. Innovation is becoming open, involving interaction between companies, universities and users. Working, living and recreation become intertwined in place and time.

Reference van Winden, W., & de Carvalho, L. (2015). 'New urban economies': challenges ahead. In W. van Winden, & L. de Carvalho (Eds.), New urban economies: How can cities foster economic development and develop ‘new urban economies’ (pp. 51-53). (Urbact II capitalisation). URBACT.
Published by  CAREM 1 April 2015

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Apr 2015


Luís de Carvalho


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