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Summit Excellentie

Speech for Summit Excellentie

October 2, 2014 RAI Amsterdam

The organisation has asked me to give an introduction on - excellence - the value of excellent education - how do we get happy employees and happy students - what would be the optimal connection between education and work - what is the role of education and good citizenship. And to give my perspective both as a father of 4 kids and a CEO of 65000 TNT employees

As a father I asked my children what kind of work they wanted to do and for what kind of organisation they wanted to work. They all gave more or less the same answer:

  • something with people, something where people play a role.
  • something that is meaningful. An organisation that is fun to work at.

I have asked the same question to thousands of employees in my career - for what kind of organisation do you want to work

  • They also gave more or less the same answer irrespective of culture or age or gender
  • They wanted to work for an organisation where there is a high sense of connectedness, a sense of community, where relationships and work are meaningful, where there is a safe and positive spirit and where I can grow to be the best I can be.
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