Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Fashion Research & Technology

Weaving science through the art of fashion

The research group Fashion & Technology studies the field of fashion with an emphasis on changes brought about by new technologies and their implications. We conduct multidisciplinary research using a variety of approaches building on the humanities, the exact sciences, and research through design. The main themes of expertise are digitalization, textile-integrated creative technology, and the social and environmental impact of the sector.

Research Approach

In the realm of digitalization, we conduct applied research into virtual fashion design, virtual prototyping and the opportunities and effects of virtual-, mixed- and augmented reality in co-creation and garment presentation and manufacturing. Digital sizing and fitting play an important part too. Furthermore, digitalization has its effects on fashion communication processes, and as such it touches upon the complete fashion process, including consumers, their data and behaviour, which are of interest for the group. Textile integrated creative technologies aims to research the future potential and related phenomenological and ethical issues of fashion’s creative and affective qualities for the industry as well as the users. Lastly, social and environmental impact addresses those problems that are widely recognised as related to fashion, namely that of laying a heavy burden on the environment as well as the working conditions of workers, compromising the well-being of future generations. The specific focus here is on clothing quantity or volume, its growth, and the creative actions that can be carried out to tackle it.