Vehicle4 Energy Services (V4ES) evaluation for upscaling and transnational potential

assessing the potential of further roll-out of 8 differing V4(ES) solutions


This report is intended to collect, present, and evaluate the various solutions applied in individual operational pilots for their (upscaling and transnational transfer) potential, in terms of opportunities and barriers, over the short and long(er)-term. This is done by identifying the main characteristics of the solutions and sites and the relevant influencing factors at different local (dimension) contexts.<br/>The analysis provides insights in barriers but also opportunities and conditions for success across four main dimensions that make up the local context landscape. We consider two main roll-out scenarios:<br/>1. Upscaling within the boundaries of the country where the operational pilot (OP) took place<br/>2. Transnational Transfer relates to the potential for transferring a (V4)ES solution to any of the other three (project) countries<br/>There are several aspects within the four main dimensions that are cross-cutting for all four countries, either because EU legislation lies at its roots, or because market conditions are fairly similar for certain influencing factors in those dimension.<br/>Ultimately, both Smart Charging and V2X market are still in their relevant infancies. The solutions applied in various SEEV4-City pilots are relatively straightforward and simple in ‘smartness’. This helps the potential for adoption but may not always be the optimal solution yet. The Peak shaving or load/demand shifting solutions are viable options to reduce costs for different stakeholders in the (electricity) supply chain. The market is likely to mature and become much smarter in coming 5 – 10 years. This also includes the evolvement (or spin-offs) of the solutions applied in SEEV4-_City as well. At least in the coming (approximately) 5 years Smart Charging appears to have the better financial business case and potential for large scale roll-out with less (impactful) bottlenecks, but looking at longer term V2X holds its potential to play a significant role in the energy transition.<br/>A common denominator as primary barriers relates to existing regulation, standards readiness and limited market availability of either hardware or service offerings.

Reference van Bergen, E., van der Hoogt, J., Kotter, R., Bentley, E., Warmerdam, J., Rimmer, C., & Herteleer, B. (2020). Vehicle4 Energy Services (V4ES) evaluation for upscaling and transnational potential: assessing the potential of further roll-out of 8 differing V4(ES) solutions. Interreg, North Sea Region.
Published by  Kenniscentrum Techniek 1 July 2020

Publication date

Jul 2020


Esther van Bergen
Jorden van der Hoogt
Richard Kotter
Edward Bentley
Chris Rimmer
Bert Herteleer


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