Final report – Loughborough Operational Pilot

Loughborough V2H Operational Pilot Final report with extension of Burton-upon-Trent with V2G application


This OP was deployed in two phases, focusing on Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G). Its first phase took place at a private residence in Loughborough and ran from March 2017 up to December 2017. This phase 1 is also referred to as the ‘Loughborough pilot’. The second phase took place from February 2020 until present at a comparable residence in Burton-upon-Trent, thereafter, referred to as the ‘Burton pilot’ or ‘phase 2’. Both pilots included bi-directional chargers, Electric Vehicles (EV), Battery Static Storage (BSS) and rooftop solar PhotoVoltaic panels (PV). The main goals of this pilot were to demonstrate the added value of V2H and V2G of using additional energy storage and PV in households. Challenges encountered in the project include interoperability issues, particularly in phase 1, and the unforeseen development of the homeowner selling his house, meaning a new location needed to be found. However, this challenge ultimately provided an excellent opportunity to implement lessons for interoperability and to act upon the recommendations from the intermediate analysis of the Loughborough pilot. This report is mainly focussed on phase 1 (Loughborough), and additional analysis for Burton-upon-Trent (phase 2) can be found in the appendix.

Reference Putrus, G., Kotter, R., Wang, Y., Das, R., Bentley, E., Dai, X., Rimmer, C., van Bergen, E., van der Hoogt, J., & Warmerdam, J. (2020). Final report – Loughborough Operational Pilot: Loughborough V2H Operational Pilot Final report with extension of Burton-upon-Trent with V2G application. Interreg, North Sea Region.
Published by  Kenniscentrum Techniek 19 November 2020

Publication date

Nov 2020


Ghanim Putrus
Richard Kotter
Yue Wang
Ridoy Das
Edward Bentley
Xuewu Dai
Chris Rimmer
Esther van Bergen
Jorden van der Hoogt


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