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[SOLD OUT] FLOOR X de Balie: Faking Fake News

With Craig Silverman


The Canadian Buzzfeed journalist Craig Silverman was one of the first to use the term Fake News, in 2014. That’s long before the news factories in Macedonia began flooding the internet with nonsense stories and before Trump started using the term to discredit journalists. Ever since, Silverman is referred to as the journalist who popularised the word.

“I Helped Popularize The Term “Fake News” And Now I Cringe Every Time I Hear It.” Craig Silverman on Fake News

Silverman has mixed feelings about the term that politicians over the world have embraced for their own purposes. Together with Silverman, other journalists and experts, such as Bette Dam and Shannon Bakker (Nu.nl), we engage with this issue in a discussion about the situation in the Netherlands. Is fake news mainly a problem in surrounding countries, or are we also influenced by false stories? And are we sufficiently aware of the things that are happening on alternative platforms for news and information such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter?

Join this English-language event, where Craig Silverman will be joined by journalist Bette Dam, fact-checker Shannon Bakker, and NOS's editor-in-chief Marcel Gelauff

Please note that this event will be held at de Balie

Tickets are extra reduced for HvA Students and Staff at €8,50 and includes a drink as well!

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Craig Silverman is a Canadian journalist and the media editor of BuzzFeed, and the former head of BuzzFeed’s Canadian division.







Journalist Bette Dam witnessed the war in Afghanistan herself. She noticed how news agencies on the other side of the world used uncertain information to publish stories as facts.








Shannon Bakker from NUcheckt fact checks messages on Facebook and other media for Dutch news media website Nu.nl.








As editor-in-chief of NOS News Marcel Gelauff works at the centre of the biggest and most important news room of the Netherlands.








Published by  FLOOR 7 February 2020