Enrolment and selection

Sport Studies - track International Sports, Management and Business (ISMB)

Sport Studies - track ISMB has a limited number of study places (quota). The programme offers in total 300 study places: 76 for Sport Studies – track ISMB and 224 for the Dutch track Sportkunde – leerroute SM&O. There are more prospective students than study places. That's why the programme has a selection procedure.

Enrolment deadline

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to enrol for the 2022-2023 academic year. The application deadline was 15 January 2022. Are you still interested in this degree programme? Enrolment for the 2023-2024 academic year opens on 1 October 2022.

Results and ranking

Did you take part in the selection day? Then you have received a message on 15 April 2022 from the AUAS with your ranking number.

The ranking number is based on your selection results. If your ranking number falls within the maximum number of places available for Sport Studies - track ISMB (and the Dutch course Sportkunde -track SM&O), you were offered a place via Studielink on 15 April. You had to accept this place within 2 weeks through Studielink.

Validity of the results

Have you been selected for Sport Studies - track ISMB, but would you rather start in September 2023 instead of September 2022?  Then you'll have to participate in a selection day again next year. 

Medical examination

You will receive an invitation for the medical examination if you have accepted the place offered.

Please note: emails sent by the AUAS may end up in your spam box. Check this box regularly.

Chance of placement

Sportkunde/Sport Studies (including lateral entry) has a capacity of 300 places for the 2022-2023 academic year. There were 594 candidates who took part in the selection and they received their ranking number on 15 April, a number somewhere between 1 and 594. The participants with numbers 1 to 300 were also offered a place on 15 April, which they had to accept within two weeks.

If your number is higher than 300, you would like to know if there is a chance that it will be your turn, and especially when that might be. If your number is just above 300, it may happen soon after 15 April. If your number is high, you will have to wait longer. 

From the beginning of May, we will publish the latest ranking number that was offered a spot on this page. This will give you an idea of your chances of being accepted between 15 April and 15 August (the date on which the AUAS offers the last places). So check this page regularly, also during the summer, but especially just after the results of the final exams of the havo/vwo schools. That is the moment when participants who had already accepted their place, have to hand it in again, because they unfortunately failed.

On this date:

a place was offered to number:

Wednesday 4 May

Monday 16 May 334
Monday 23 May 335
Wednesday 8 June 336
Thursday 16 June 343
Monday 27 June 347
Monday 4 July 353
Thursday 14 July 357
Monday 18 July 363
Monday 25 July 366
Monday 1 August 368
Monday 8 August 376

CROHO name and code number

The official name of this programme at DUO (The Netherlands’ Education Executive Agency) is Sport Studies. This is the so-called CROHO name (ID 34040). The CROHO name and ID are required during your enrolment via Studielink.

Published by  Faculteit Bewegen, Sport en Voeding 8 August 2022