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Student for a Day

International Business Fast-Track

Have you been to an open day? Still curious to know what it is like to be in one of our classes? Then sign-up to be a Student for a day and experience the life of an AMSIB student.

When can you sign-up?

You can sign up at our open day in the Atrium or by clicking on the link below.

What will I do as a student for a day?

When you have confirmed your spot to be a student for a day, you will be invited to join us at AMSIB for an entire afternoon. You will attend two mini-lectures: Business English and Finance. There will be a tour of the campus, and opportunity to ask questions. During this afternoon you will be in direct contact with real students and members of faculty and staff.

When and where?*

There are four possible opportunities to register and each date has a maximum capacity of 80 students. Please note that once you are registred you will get the information on the time and location.

  • Monday 18 November
  • Monday 10 February
  • Monday 16 March
  • Monday 20 April


*Dates and locations are subject to change.

13 november 2019