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Master Digital Driven Business

This Master’s degree programme is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the professorships Digital Commerce, Cross Media, Visual Methodologies and Urban Analytics. Lecturers from different professorships form part of this Master's team.

The Digital Driven Business lecturers team

From left to right:

  • Marcel Wollaert PhD - Head of Department DDB, lecturer Professional Development Programme
  • Rob Loke PhD - lecturer Online Data Mining, Digital Business Management)
  • Emma Beauxis PhD - lecturer Business Statistics and Economics, Programming for Business
  • Sjoukje Goldman, PhD candidate - lecturer Business Statistics and Econometrics
  • Jesse Weltevreden PhD - Professor Digital Commerce, Centre for Market Insights (CMI)
  • Daphne Hagen, PhD candidate - lecturer Digital Business Development
  • Tibert Verhagen PhD - Associate Professor E-Business, Centre for Market Insights (CMI)
  • Marieke Struijk - Educational Coordinator
  • Godewijn Aldershoff - project leader DDB
  • Frederik Situmeang PhD - lecturer Digital Business Analytics, Database Management for Business

Not in this photo:

  • Selmar Meents PhD - lecturer Digital Business Development, Emerging Technology in Digital Business, Database Management for Business
  • Sabine Niederer PhD - lecturer Digital Business Analytics
  • Carlo De Gaetano PhD - lecturer Digital Business Analytics
  • Riccardo Pinosio PhD - lecturer Online Data Mining, Programming for Business
Published by  Faculteit Business en Economie 2 October 2019
Roemer Hoogerwerf - Student Master's Programme Digital Driven Business

Now that I’m diving into it, I realise that there is still so much to learn.

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