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European School of Physiotherapy

A Bachelor’s degree provides a good basis for further studies. The options depend on which Master’s degree programme you would like to attend and at which university.

Many of our alumni decide to continue their academic career by applying for a Master’s program following ESP. According to our internal statistics, currently around 50% of our graduates are pursuing a MSc at some point in their career.


ESP offers a transition to the MSc in Muskuloskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences as offered by the VU University in Amsterdam. For students with high academic skills, a special minor has been designed in collaboration with the VU university which (upon completion) will make them automatically admissible this this MSc programme that will last only one more year. This “package deal” will give motivated students the chance to obtain their MSc in Physiotherapy in four years (Three years at ESP and one year at the VU University). Other ESP graduates have transitioned to other international MSc programmes successfully, for example in the field of manual therapy, neurology, sports or pediatrics.


Published by  Faculteit Gezondheid 9 September 2019