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European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

Master's, part-time

With the increase of the average age, the increase of people with disabilities and chronic conditions, there is a need for highly qualified occupational therapists who are better equipped to deal innovatively with complex situations in therapy and health promotion. New models of interprofessional collaboration are developed to fulfill clients' needs for high quality services geared to individual needs. This emphasis calls for a need for occupational therapists who are able to evaluate, justify and innovate their individual practice and their services.

The European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy is a truly international experience offering new possibilities to Occupational Therapists. The 2-year, part time, research oriented programme consists of 6 modules and is offered by a consortium of five institutions in five different countries. Each module is hosted by one of the European universities in the consortium. The programme is guided by constructive alignment through six modules. Collaborative learning approaches are used, such as Problem Based Learning, Learning Groups and an online discussion forum. Every module ends with a written assignment. In the final modules you plan and conduct a research project and write your thesis as a journal paper.

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This programme helps you to become better equipped in enhancing and delivering Occupational Therapy. Most graduates report a change in their work situation after graduation: they achieved an increase in income and in job satisfaction, they took over more responsibility within their team or they even changed their position and moved into education, research and management.

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- Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy - English test: Overall band score of at least 6.5 for the academic IELTS-test (International English Language Testing Service) or equivalent

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