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Entrepreneurship for Society: developing a transdisciplinary minor program


‘Entrepreneurship for Society’ is a new minor program at Amsterdam UAS, the Netherlands. Using the concept of the ‘Doughnut Economy’ by Kate Raworth as theoretical baseline, focus is on social entrepreneurship (SE). The curriculum is designed to foster transdisciplinary collaboration between students and staff from different backgrounds, as well as with partners from the field of social entrepreneurship such as companies themselves, policy makers and citizen initiatives.

Apart from its content, the minor is innovative and experimental in three ways: Connecting research and education: linking (development of) questions from the SE field to active involvement of students and teachers in the research Lab.

Transdisciplinary approach; using a problem-solving approach and collaborating with field partners. Interdepartmental organisation. The minor will premiere in February 2020. We present our approach and the challenges we see, actively seeking feedback and links to scholars who have grappled with similar issues. Scientific blogs assess a quantitatively different set

Reference Abu Ghazaleh, N., Cremers, X., Hogenstijn, M., Sprenger, S., Trooster, H.-J., & Koomen, M. (2019). Entrepreneurship for Society: developing a transdisciplinary minor program. Poster session presented at Higher Education Conference 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Published by  CAREM 28 October 2019

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Oct 2019


Xandra Cremers
Sharon Sprenger
Hendrik-Jan Trooster
Michelle Koomen


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