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Collaborative learning in local partnerships for public value

a multiple case study


In our recently started multiple case study - funded by the Netherlands Scientific Board (NWO) - on these processes of collaboration, we focused on the dynamics in growing partnerships between citizens, community social workers and civil servants. Three cases of social neighbourhood initiatives are presented that each create public value in their own way, while simultaneously adopting traditional governmental and social services provision. We will highlight their respective developmental phases, and the challenges in collaborative learning. One important lesson at this stage is that the words ‘professional’ and ‘volunteer’ seem to have become inappropriate, because both types of local actors can either possess or lack the skills required to nurture collaborative learning. These kinds of findings are shared in a collaborative learning trajectory with the stakeholders and the research group. Our experiences with this new role will be woven into our presentations.

Reference Bos, E., de Zeeuw, A., van Vliet, P., & de Kreek, M. (2017). Collaborative learning in local partnerships for public value: a multiple case study. 1. Paper presented at Europeaan Conference of Social Work Research 2017, Aalborg, Denmark.
21 April 2017

Publication date

Apr 2017


Eltje Bos
Pieter van Vliet


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