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KPI results - baselines and final results

capturing the baselines and final measurements to report the KPI results on OPs and project lev


SEEV4-City is an innovation project funded by the European Union Interreg North Sea Region Programme. Its main objective is to demonstrate smart electric mobility and integration of renewable energy solutions and share the learnings gained. The project reports on the results of six Operational Pilots (OPs) which have different scales and are located in five different cities in four different countries in the North Sea Region. Loughborough OP (United Kingdom) is the smallest pilot, being a household with a bi-directional EV charging unit for the Nissan Leaf, a stationary battery, and a PV system. In the Kortrijk OP (Belgium), a battery system and a bi-directional charging unit for the delivery van (as well as a smart charging station for ebikes) were added to the energy system. In Leicester (United Kingdom), five unidirectional charging units were to be accompanied by four bi-directional charging units. The Johan Cruyff Arena OP is a larger pilot in Amsterdam, with a 2.8 MWh (partly) second life stationary battery storage for Frequency Control Regulation services and back-up power, 14 fast chargers and one bi-directional charger. Integrated into the existing energy system is a 1 MW PV system that is already installed on the roof. In the Oslo OP, 102 chargers were installed, of which two are fast chargers. A stationary battery energy storage system (BESS) supports the charging infrastructure and is used for peak shaving. The FlexPower OP in Amsterdam is the largest OP with over 900 EV charging outlets across the city, providing smart charging capable of reducing the energy peak demand in the evening. Before the start of the project, three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were determined: A. Estimated CO2 reduction B. Estimated increase in energy autonomy C. Estimated Savings from Grid Investment Deferral.

Reference van der Hoogt, J., van Bergen, E., & Warmerdam, J. (2020). KPI results - baselines and final results: capturing the baselines and final measurements to report the KPI results on OPs and project lev. Interreg, North Sea Region.
Published by  Kenniscentrum Techniek 20 November 2020

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Nov 2020


Jorden van der Hoogt
Esther van Bergen


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