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The role of purchasing in raising the maturity of smart maintenance management


The aim of this study is to provide insights into how the purchasing function can increase the maturity of smart maintenance management (SMM) in construction clients by (1) assessing current SMM maturity and (2) developing an adapted service triad for purchasing's meaningful involvement in SMM.

A multiple case research design was used, and data were collected from four higher education institutes in the Netherlands through an assessment of their current SMM maturity. Coding and a cross-case analysis were used to qualitatively analyze the data to identify roles and value chain integration factors as intermediate steps in adapting the service triad to a service hexad. Within construction client organizations, collaboration between maintenance management, project management and ICT services requires improvement. The proposed service hexad redefines the client's SMM roles with the aim of improving collaboration. The authors discuss how this enables a transition to higher levels of SMM maturity. The findings were derived from a particular class of construction clients: higher education institutes that operate owner-occupied properties. Although the service hexad could be adapted, to owner-occupied multi-user properties, further research is necessary to assess its relevance for investor-owned properties. Implementing the service hexad provides construction clients with a stronger position in supply networks. It clarifies the briefing process in construction management and emphasizes the data supply responsibilities of construction management professionals. The study draws on the service triads and meaningful involvement concepts from the purchasing literature and applies them to SMM.

Reference Johannes, K., Voordijk, H., & Aranda-Mena, G. (2023). The role of purchasing in raising the maturity of smart maintenance management. Built Environment Project and Asset Management, 13(2), 324-340.
2 February 2023

Publication date

Feb 2023


Hans Voordijk
Guillermo Aranda-Mena


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