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The interface between forensic science and technology

how technology could cause a paradigm shift in the role of forensic institutes in the criminal justice system


In this paper, the importance of modern technology in forensic investigations is discussed. Recent technological developments are creating new possibilities to perform robust scientific measurements and studies outside the controlled laboratory environment. The benefits of real-time, on-site forensic investigations are manifold and such technology has the potential to strongly increase the speed and efficacy of the criminal justice system. However, such benefits are only realized when quality can be guaranteed at all times and findings can be used as forensic evidence in court. At the Netherlands Forensic Institute, innovation efforts are currently undertaken to develop integrated forensic platform solutions that allow for the forensic investigation of human biological traces, the chemical identification of illicit drugs and the study of large amounts of digital evidence. These platforms enable field investigations, yield robust and validated evidence and allow for forensic intelligence and targeted use of expert capacity at the forensic institutes. This technological revolution in forensic science could ultimately lead to a paradigm shift in which a new role of the forensic expert emerges as developer and custodian of integrated forensic platforms.

Reference Kloosterman, A., Mapes, A., Gerardts, Z., van Eijk, E., Koper, C., van den Berg, J., Verheij, S., van der Steen, M., & van Asten, A. (2015). The interface between forensic science and technology: how technology could cause a paradigm shift in the role of forensic institutes in the criminal justice system. Philosofical Transactions, 370(1674), Article 20140264.
Published by  Kenniscentrum Techniek 1 January 2015

Publication date

Jan 2015


Ate Kloosterman
Anna Mapes
Zeno Gerardts
Erwin van Eijk
Carola Koper
Jorrit van den Berg
Saskia Verheij
Marcel van der Steen
Arian van Asten
Carola Koper

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