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An analysis and design for the repair process of Late Show shipments in the Export Cargo Process at SPL HUB


Export shipments arriving late at the freight building of KLM Cargo at Schiphol Airport is a trigger to deviations in the standard acceptance process. These Late Shows are currently handled ad-hoc making it difficult to plan and predict these events. In addition, shipments arriving on time is currently not a criterion for acceptance, while a shipment should depart on the flight planned at the moment of acceptance or the quality of the process deteriorates. By conducting a data analysis to quantitatively identify the characteristics of the Late Shows, and by conducting stakeholder interviews to understand the current process and discuss the future process, this research tried to design the operational process of the Late Shows to improve the operational excellence and quality of the acceptance process.

The research shows that currently, late shipments are often still tried to be build up for the planned flight. It is found that 13% of these shipments do eventually not depart on the planned flight, while being accepted by KLM Cargo, deteriorating the quality of the process. The research concludes that the design of the Late Show process should include a check on whether the shipment was delivered on time, before acceptance of the shipment. By only accepting the shipment once it is decided that the planned flight is achievable or when it is rebooked to another flight, it is assured that the Late Show will be on time at the buildup buffer for the booked flight.

Reference van Rooden, S., Zuniga Alcaraz, C., Krol, B., & Olivares-Benitez, E. (2022). An analysis and design for the repair process of Late Show shipments in the Export Cargo Process at SPL HUB. In F. Liberatore, G. H. Parlier, & M. Demange (Eds.), ICORES 2022: 11th International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems: proceedings (pp. 123-130). Scitepress Digital Library.
Published by  Kenniscentrum Techniek 4 February 2022

Publication date

Feb 2022


Sjoerd van Rooden
Bart Krol
Elias Olivares-Benitez


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