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Teaching future teachers about entrepreneurship: The focus on entrepreneurial competences


Workshop summary: In this workshop we work together with the participants towards concrete steps that educators could take to promote inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems. Nowadays, entrepreneurial ecosystems do not provide all entrepreneurs equal access to opportunities, resources, and support.

Specifically, entrepreneurial ecosystems remain heavily male-dominated with women and other underrepresented groups facing challenges to access resources and grow their ventures due to a range of (institutional) barriers. This lack of inclusivity is problematic as it limits the release of untapped entrepreneurial potential necessary to maximize the societal and economic benefits of entrepreneurship.

During this workshop we want to engage in discussions and propose actions to be undertaken by educators and HEI’s to foster the inclusivity of their institutional and regional entrepreneurial ecosystem in which they are embedded. By using the ‘inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem framework’, we want to raise awareness of this topic and share actionable ideas that participants can implement in their daily practices.

Reference Alvarado Valenzuela, J., & Douna, A. (2023). Teaching future teachers about entrepreneurship: The focus on entrepreneurial competences. In 3E Conference Proceedings: Book of Abstracts 2023 (pp. 49-49). ECSB European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
Published by  Centre for Economic Transformation 1 January 2023