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charging in the city of amsterdam data monitoring of charge point performance

Brussels, Belgium, 3rd – 5th December 2014


The Amsterdam region is one of the frontrunners worldwide in stimulating the use of electric vehicles [2] [3]. Urged by air quality problems the municipality of Amsterdam has had an active role in facilitating e-mobility within the region of Amsterdam. In recent years its policy has consisted of a combination of (amongst others) infrastructure development (e.g. subsidizing placement of hundreds of public charge stations), market measures (e.g. purchase subsidies and incentive systems such as priority in obtaining parking permits as free parking for electric vehicles) and demonstration and awareness programs.

It has made the municipality of Amsterdam one of the frontrunners in electric mobility in Europe with close to 1000 public charge points, more than 10.000 electric vehicles including around 300 electric “Smart For Two’s” using the charge stations, demonstration of innovative charging solutions (fast charging), and large vehicle demonstration programs for amongst others the Nissan Leaf, 167 electric taxis as well as electric car sharing schemes [4, 5, 6].

Gepubliceerd door  Urban Technology 27 juli 2017


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Robert van den Hoed