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Measuring the relevance of history to students


In the literature about history teaching research, ‘significance’ is one of the categories commonly included in lists of important concepts (e.g. Counsell, 2004; Seixas & Morton, 2013). The concept refers to the importance of historical topics for people in the past (e.g. the Black Death was significant because it had a major impact on medieval life) as well as to the importance of history for people nowadays (e.g. the impact of the slavery past on current societal debates about discrimination).

Reference Wilschut, A., & van Straaten, D. (2016). Measuring the relevance of history to students. Paper presented at The International Conference of the History Educators International Research Network - Heirnet.
Published by  Kenniscentrum Onderwijs en Opvoeding 1 January 2016

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Jan 2016


Arie Wilschut


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