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Identifying Teacher Quality: structuring elements of teacher quality


In dit artikel doen Lies Timmering, Marco Snoek en Annette Dietze verslag van een onderzoek naar opvattingen van 300 leraren in Europa over de belangrijkste kwaliteiten voor leraren. This paper presents the search for a categorizing framework that can be used to identify and discuss teacher quality. Both policy documents on national and European levels and academic literature show a remarkable variation in categories that are used to describe teacher education. As part of a larger study where the voice of teachers is used en strengthened on the topic of teacher education, there was the need to find a categorizing framework that can be used to analyze responses from teachers on the most important qualities that teachers need. The search for a categorizing framework combines a study of academic literature on categories for teacher quality and the use of international focus groups for the development of categories for teacher qualities. Both the outcomes from the literature survey and the results from the focus groups show the complexity of defining a coherent framework for teacher qualities. Two main approaches can be identified: one by using an analytical framework with mutual exclusive categories, based on Bloom’s categories, and one based on a task analysis of the work of teachers, focusing on specific roles or identities. In both approaches, both the literature and the focus groups emphasize the importance of personal qualities of teachers. Based on the outcomes a coherent framework for teacher qualities is presented, where both approaches are combined. This framework that might help in creating a shared language for discussing teacher quality among different stakeholders and different countries. Dit onderzoek vond plaats in de context van het Comenius-project Identifying Teacher Quality .


Timmering, L., Snoek, M., & Dietze, A. (2009). Identifying Teacher Quality: structuring elements of teacher quality. Mireia Montané and Joana Salazar (eds). ATEE 2009 ANNUAL CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS. Brussels, ATEE.

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mei 2009


Lies Timmering