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Ethical challenges of ‘active parenting’ in an urban setting.


This presentation will discuss the collaboration between teachers and parents especially in areas where social, economical, cultural differences between the parties are likely to influence the communication and the moral judgement. How do schools create inclusive environments with room for differences? How does teacher training include ethical issues and help students become ‘ethical practitioners’?


Nøhr, K., & Oostdam, R. (2013). Ethical challenges of ‘active parenting’ in an urban setting. Paper for the 3rd conference of the European Network for Social Action (Ensact), ‘Social Action in Europe: Towards Inclusive Policies and Practice’, April 17-19, Istanbul.

Gepubliceerd door  Kenniscentrum Onderwijs en Opvoeding 26 mei 2014


mei 2014


Drs. Kirsten Nøhr