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Krachtvoerlezing door Michelle Fine 'To Whom are We Response-able?'

Decolonizing Education, Pedagogy and Research in times of rising nationalisms, swelling inequalities and vibrant solidarities


The lecture will challenge students, educators, researchers and social workers (and all who overlap) to discuss the obligation and contributions that critical scholars and practitioners can offer up in these bi-polar times of rising inequalities, nationalisms, neoliberalism, hate crimes, despair, and also rising waves of resistance, aesthetic provocations and radical imaginaries for "what else is possible".


In her lecture Michelle will show a "slowed down" multi-media wandering through some critical participatory action research projects (f.e. with Muslim American youth in the U.S., LGBTQ young people and youth affected by aggressive policing). She will consider the always fraught epistemological commitments, theoretical groundings, methodological decisions, analytic tensions,  and provocative forms of "dissemination", as well as practical "choques" (Anzaldua - conflicts/clashes/generative moments of dissent) that erupt when neoliberal universities take up solidarity research with highly marginalized communities and movements.

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Public Science Project

Michelle Fine is a founding faculty member of the Public Science Project, which produces critical scholarship for use in social policy debates and organizing movements for educational equity and human rights. In her latest book “Just Research in Contentious Times: Widening the Methodological Imagination” Michelle Fine widens the methodological imagination for students, educators, scholars, and researchers interested in crafting research with communities.

About Michelle Fine

Michelle Fine is a Distinguished Professor of Critical Psychology, Women’s Studies, American Studies and Urban Education at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Her primary research interest is the study of social injustice: when injustice appears as fair or deserved, when it is resisted, and how it is negotiated by those who pay the most serious price for social inequities. She studies these issues in public high schools, prisons, and with youth in urban communities, using both qualitative and quantitative methods.


Het Kenniscentrum Onderwijs en Opvoeding wil met de reeks Krachtvoer lezingen geinteresseerden op de hoogte brengen van belangrijke ontwikkelingen binnen het vakgebied en het praktijkonderzoek van medewerkers van Onderwijs en Opvoeding. De bijeenkomsten zijn gratis toegankelijk voor iedereen.

Gepubliceerd door  Kenniscentrum Onderwijs en Opvoeding 1 april 2019