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The development of entrepreneurial intention amongst university students

the iInfluence of individual and contextual factors


The swift enhancement of technology has affected the business environment as higher education alone no longer plays a definitive role in the employment process. To meet the emerging requirements of employers, individuals, specifically students, need to gain more entrepreneurial tendencies. The aim of this study is to investigate the factors affecting the entrepreneurial intention (EI) of university students.

In order to do so, five constructs (EI, individual entrepreneurial orientation (IEO), self-efficacy, environmental support, and knowledge sharing) and their items taken from existing literature were used within the proposed model, and the constructed hypotheses were evaluated using structural equation modelling (SEM).

Based on the model, a survey was distributed to 332 students of various universities.<br/>Self-efficacy and IEO are expected to be the prime factors affecting EI, whereas environmental support and knowledge sharing are expected to have more of an indirect effect on EI. Overall, this study will help establish the influencers of EI among university students.

Reference Mutlutürk, M., Kör, B., & Wakkee, I. (2018). The development of entrepreneurial intention amongst university students: the iInfluence of individual and contextual factors. Paper presented at High Tech Small Firms Conference, Groningen, Netherlands.
Published by  CAREM 1 January 2018

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Jan 2018


Meltem Mutlutürk

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