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Problematizing opportunity pursuit multidimensional embeddedness of international entrepreneurship

Samenvatting (abstract)

International business scholars are increasingly calling for more awareness of the local context in which international entrepreneurs pursue business opportunities. In this paper, we respond to this call, arguing that an entrepreneur’s business network engenders self-sustaining dynamics that bear upon the entrepreneurial opportunity itself.

We conclude that the dynamics that we observe can be interpreted as ‘multidimensional embeddedness’. Through a qualitative inquiry, we study how a Korean entrepreneur seeking to establish an agri-business venture in Cambodia embeds himself in the local business environment as a means to create an opportunity structure. We analyze how the international business venture initially thrived but ultimately failed, attributing these outcomes to the entrepreneur’s multidimensional embeddedness in the wider business environment. In so doing, we contribute a critical perspective to entrepreneurship research, widening the prevailing individualistic focus on entrepreneurship by engaging with the societal context within which an opportunity structure develops. We also extend international business studies by explaining how the opportunity structure underlying international ventures impacts upon opportunity pursuit, beyond the entrepreneur’s control.

Reference Ferguson, J. E., Tea, S., Dahles, H., Wakkee, I., Moser , C., & Spierenburg, M. (2017). Problematizing opportunity pursuit multidimensional embeddedness of international entrepreneurship. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2017(1), Article 12802.
Published by  CAREM 30 November 2017

Publication date

Nov 2017


Julie E. Ferguson
San Tea
Heidi Dahles
Christine Moser
Marja Spierenburg
Christine Moser

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