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Entrepreneurship in fashion

FLOOR x The New Mode Collective


The New Mode Collective and FLOOR invite founders of young Amsterdam based fashion brands to open up about their journey. Are you curious how LA FAM gained such a big community? How the members of REconstruct Collective make their design choices? Or do you wonder what the turning point was for deparel?

🗓️ Tuesday March 5 2024
⏱️ 16.30 - 17.45
📍 FLOOR - Wibautstraat 3b
♿️ The eventspace is wheelchair accessible
💰 Free entrance

For this event, we have brought together three very different fashion brands. We will dive into topics such as, how to manage sudden succes, how to attract your tartget group and what is important to keep in mind when making a design. After the panel discussion there will be room for questions. Followed by a short fashion show with models wearing pieces from each brand. The designers of the showcased pieces will elaborate on their design choices.


16:30-17:00 Panel discussion with Renze van Jaarsveld (LA FAM), Laura Aanen (REconstruct Collective), Max Mulder (deparel) & James Langley (deparel)
17:00-17:10 Q&A with the audience
17:10-17:30 Fashion show + explanation design choices
17:30-18:30 Drinks

La Fam



La fam

La fam is a unisex streetwear family based in amsterdam. Passionate about the youth culture in amsterdam, we slowly try to connect with the rest of the world. Through a family bond, our group of friends, the special people around us, and everyone we share the love with, we build a brand that is as inclusive as possible. Within la fam, we believe in equality, where acceptance is important. Accepting each other can make one feel at home and part of a family. We believe in connecting and helping each other. We speak out on issues we think are important and try to give a voice to the people and organizations we care about.

Anna and renze van jaarsveld, la fam’s founders, lacked a creative outlet at high school and wanted to use their special bond as brother and sister to come up with creative expressions together. This resulted in la fam short for “la familia” and the special bond serves as the core value of our brand. We believe in growth by collaborating with artists, brands, and anyone who wants to create. We want to build a family that does not consist of country borders, but that connects worldwide.

Our love for streetwear stems from our intrest and influences in hip-hop culture and the youth culture associated with it. We believe in creating a close community by being more than just a clothing brand. We believe in the power of hosting events, collaborating with artists, and writing a blog. Ultimately, we hope to create a family that is as close as possible, in which everyone can feel part. We are la fam.


Amsterdam based multidisciplinary design studio co-founded by Max Mulder and James Langley. The couple who met at the Rhode Island School of Design now work and live together in the Netherlands. deparel currently focuses on knit and woven garments and functions as a vertically integrated design studio, where everything happens in-house. Max and James, along with their team, design, manufacture by hand, and send all of their pieces directly from their studio in Amsterdam. Zero unnecessary fuel emissions or byproducts are created in their process. The duo's obsession with experimentation, collaboration and combining deadstock with fine raw materials, are the driving forces behind the brand.

REconstruct Collective 

REconstruct Collective 

REconstruct Collective

REconstruct is a design collective consisting of three female designers, which produces unique made-to-measure pieces, created by constructing overstock and upcycling pre-used materials. Our aim is to be an active sustainable force in the fashion industry, while being an asset in forming unity in the creative community by creating an approachable, welcoming space for all. As each of our garments are individually made-to-measure, sizes may not be included in the product description. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email from one of our designers to enquire about your measurements, with which the garment will be constructed to ensure the best possible fit. Moreover, this way of creating guarantees us no waste or over-produce is generated in the creative process.

Gepubliceerd door  FLOOR 20 februari 2024


Startdatum 05 mrt


16:30 - 17:45 uur



Wibautstraat 3b

1091 GH Amsterdam

020 595 4955