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Keynote Marleen Stikker | Digitalization as a collective democratic endeavor

English spoken event @FLOOR & livestream | Think Global Festival 2022


How we organize our digital world is not something to be left to corporations, let alone to the huge Big Tech companies that try to impose their next big thing onto us. Digitalization should instead be a collective democratic endeavor, that can and should involve all of us. Waag Futurelab has worked on a model called the Public Stack that explains what’s behind the scenes of the technologies we rely on and proposes an alternative approach that demonstrates how a multidisciplinary approach should underpin how we, as a society, root technology in public values. Marleen explains how Waag Futurelab is on this journey building up from local grassroots efforts and connected up via the various international networks in Europe and beyond. In their approach, digitalization is not an isolated effort, but worked on in the context of the big societal transitions that confront all of us.

About Marleen Stikker

Marleen Stikker is founder and executive director of Waag Futurelab in Amsterdam. Waag Futurelab reinforces critical reflection on technology, develops technological and social design skills, and encourages social innovation. Marleen leads the trans-disciplinary team of designers, artists and scientists, utilizing Public Research and Key Enabling Methodologies to empower people to participate in the collective design of open, fair and inclusive futures. Marleen founded 'De Digitale Stad' (The Digital City) in 1993, the first virtual community introducing free public access to the Internet in Amsterdam. Marleen Stikker strongly adheres to the Maker's Bill of Rights motto: "If You Can't Open It, You Don't Own It".

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Startdatum 22 apr


09:15 - 10:15 uur



Wibautstraat 3b

1091 GH Amsterdam

020 595 4955