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Grassroots are small, accessible ICT projects, from which the results immediately can be implemented in education. Grassroots are a great example of introducing and testing new techniques in education.

Grassroots projects 2019

Througout 2019, the ICT for Education Expertise Group offers students and teachers the possibility to execute Grassroots projects every month. Enrollment starts now.

Individual teachers and students can submit a proposal for Grassroots projects. For each Grassroot there is a maximum budget of €1000,-. Besides individual Grassroots projects, departments can request financial aid for a program of 5 to 10 combined Grassroots.

In 2019, the Grassroots projects should fit into these themes:

  • Grassroots in the Electronic Learning Environment (Brightspace)
  • Video and augmented or virtual reality about occupational settings
  • Assessment

How to apply for Grassroots projects?

You can apply for a Grassroot project on a monthly basis by completing the application form. Deadline for submitting your application is the 28th of each month, 1 PM. You will be notified of the decision on whether your Grassroots proposal is granted on the 21st of the next month.

More information

Name E-mail Telephone

Jeanine Bader

grassroots@hva.nl 06 5151 7645
Fleur Braunsdorf grassroots@hva.nl 06 1172 9820

Grassroots sessions

We will organize sessions to explain the grassroots-projects-setup. We request you to visit the next session when your grassroot is granted and again when your grassroot is completed. Grassroots-projectleaders present their ideas or their completed grassroots during the session.

  • 27th of June 2019 15:00- 17:00 PM
  • 26th of September 2019 15:00- 17:00 PM
  • 30th of January 2020 15:00- 17:00 PM (tentative)


Please keep the following criteria in mind for each grassroot or grassroot program. Criteria can change for every Grassroot round. Please make sure you know the exact criteria for the round you’re applying for).

  • The Grassroot will lead to quality enhancement of education with the application of ICT.
  • The grassroot delivers a product (for example: learning activity format) which can be used and reused by other lecturers and other tracks.
  • The ICT skills of lecturers and/or students will be enhanced by execution of the grassroot.
  • The applicance of the ICT application is innovative for the track or faculty. It is a small innovation; the innovation has a clear benefit; the project planning and proposed finance is feasible.


  • Grassroots are evaluated with privacy laws in mind. It is advised to evaluate the terms of use when you choose a new ICT application. For more information in privacy you can consult the contact person on privacy in your faculty.

Student proposals

Make sure that your lecturer agrees with your proposal. The grassroot should be connected with a course/subject.

Grassroot programs

The program consists of small projects with a feasible finance and planning. The program is aligned with the educational vision and ICT strategy of the faculty. A description of the use and reuse of the results in the faculty should be provided. It is especially important to make clear how implementation is assured. The grassroot program is challenging and motivating for lecturers.

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