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Teaching in English: the bilingual classroom

Would you like to teach at a school where subjects are taught in English, or are you already teaching in such a context and do you want to improve your lessons? The modules offered in the Teaching in English programme are designed to meet different teachers’ needs in various school contexts.

  • Dutch primary schools in which English is taught to young children (in Dutch vvto, vroeg vreemdetalenonderwijs or tpo, tweetalig primair onderwijs)
  • Dutch secondary schools in which lessons, projects or subjects are taught in English (schools with so called versterkt Engels or tto, tweetalig onderwijs)
  • International schools

Depending on the module or modules you choose, you will learn how to prepare, teach, justify and evaluate lessons in primary or secondary schools. You will receive a certificate for each completed module.

The modules are delivered by expert teachers from the Faculty of Education and are also part of a minor offered to third year students. Teaching in English is one of the focal areas in teacher training programmes and research at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Currently, two research projects about CLIL in History and English lessons are under development.

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit Onderwijs en Opvoeding 15 augustus 2019