Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Content and structure

The four modules which make up the complete Teaching in English programme are as follows

  • Language skills: this module focuses on improving participants’ English skills and will provide Cambridge exam training by a Cambridge certified examiner.
  • Cross cultural education: this module aims at helping participants understand how to use cultural differences in the class and cross cultures in international collaborative projects with partner schools abroad.
  • Methodology: this module aims to provide (future) teachers in primary and secondary with a practical introduction to basic principles and practices of CLIL.
  • Assessment: this module looks at how to assess your subject through the medium of another language. We will look at learning-oriented assessment (formative and summative) as well as feedback.

Participants can choose to follow one or more modules, depending on professional needs.

Participants will gain insight into recent theoretical developments in bilingual teaching working on individual and group assignments. Special attention will be paid to the Dutch situation. Lessons are structured in an interactive way, encouraging an exchange of ideas between participants as well as the use of critical friends for feedback. Participants will be required to video record (parts of) lessons which will also form part of the assessment process.

Work produced in one module can be used for learning and assessment in another module in order to ensure transfer.

Assessment of each module is based on attendance and participation during lessons and on a final interview with the module tutor.

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit Onderwijs en Opvoeding 2 november 2017