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MoneyLab #7: Outside of Finance

On feminist economics, social payments, corporate crime and the blokechain


The Institute of Network Cultures is proud to announce the return of MoneyLab to Amsterdam on November 14 and 15 2019! This home-based 7th edition is filled with workshops, performances and discussions on pressing financial issues. With artists, academics, activists, and geeks we explore what role art, activism and design can play in expanding the financial ecology of alternatives.

What is happening outside of the system of global finance? At MoneyLab#7 we look into the different responses to Brexit and the spread of right-wing nationalism on European soil, outside of the libertarian start-ups with their often masculine lingoism and preoccupations. Are there any counter-design strategies to the corporatization and nationalization of finance? Can we design a crypto-economy that values care work and focuses on equity and solidarity? How do we relate to the emerging regulatory regimes that want to “civilize” fintech? With platforms operating as banks, can we speak of a gentrification of the payment industry?

When: 14 + 15 November 2019

Where: Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam


Regular tickets: Day ticket 30 euro, passe-partout 60 euro.

Students (other then HvA): 50% discount.

You can get your tickets here .

HvA employees and students can get a free ticket by sending an e-mail (from your HvA e-mail address) to barbara@networkcultures.org

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More information about MoneyLab and the full program can be found on the website of Netwerkcultuur.

If your institution requires a letter of invitation in order to cover costs to attend the conference, we can provide this for you. Please contact barbara@networkcultures.org


Startdatum 14 nov 2019
Einddatum 15 nov 2019


12:00 uur



IJpromenade 2

1031 KT Amsterdam

020 – 7630650