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Virtual Fashion Design: the new real

Are you driven by a desire to make a change in the fashion industry? Empower yourself with new skills and try to nuance your role in the dynamic fashion industry. What innovation are you focusing on? Would you like to learn how to turn your best fashion vision into true to life 3D simulations? Discover your hidden talents and register for the AMFI Summer courses. Education where quality is guaranteed.

Within this course you will learn to translate ideas and vision into experiments, garment design, virtual prototypes and a final presentation of 3D simulated end-products.

This course is organized by the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). AMFI is unique in her education on 3D virtual prototyping and developing high level products and performance. We like to give you the opportunity to be part of that development and the change of paradigm in fashion.

Sustainable thinking and acting is one of the core values of AMFI education and we expect the student to do so by integrating it in their vision and presentations.

3D working methods in CLO3d. Creating a prototype, by Iris van Wees - AMFI-Hypercraft

Would you like to know how this design is created with CLO3d?

Check out this video!

13 December 2019