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Educational escape rooms in practice: research, experiences, and recommendations


The following e-book was prepared as part of the Erasmus+ UNLOCK project, which has the objective of identifying the use of educational escape rooms (EERs) in higher education environments and examining the role of educators in those activities.

The document presents a review of the existing body of academic literature on EERs, while capturing current approaches and practices from across the diverse line of disciplines, and challenges experienced in the adoption of EERs in the (higher) education settings.

The literature review provides an overview of the status-quo of the EERs in the higher education sector, followed by UNLOCK project partner country reports (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Portugal, and Spain) for targeted insights on the adoption of EERs in the local (higher) education contexts.

We also present the synthesis report provides a discussion of the major findings, along with emerging themes and recommendations for further EER research and practice.

Reference Tercanli, H. (Ed.), Martina, R. (Ed.), Ferreira Dias, M. (Ed.), Wakkee, I., Reuter, J., Amorim, M., Madaleno, M., Magueta, D., Vieira, E., Veloso, C., Figueiredo, C., Vitória, A., Gomes, I., Meireles, G., Daubariene, A., Daunoriene, A., Korntved Mortensen, A., Zinovyeva, A., Rivera Trigueros, I., ... Gutiérrez-Pérez, J. (2021). Educational escape rooms in practice: research, experiences, and recommendations. UA Editora. https://doi.org/10.34624/rpxk-hc61
Published by  CAREM 1 January 2021

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