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Capturing the Imaginary: Students and Other Tribes in Amsterdam


During the last decades students have become a target group for cities like Amsterdam. They are addressed as the talented forces that cities need in order to face increasing global competitiveness, a force which itself is represented as giving cities their dynamic edge.

This (now predominant) discourse in institutional city and educational communication instrumentalizes students as revenue sources, as ‘clients’ of tertiary education or the ‘end products’ to be delivered to business life and the market place. More nuanced or subtle research on urban management, city marketing, places, images, reputation, identity and feelings of belonging among young adults have often been drowned out by this trend, and remain in the realm of academic research literature without direct practical application.

Núria Arbonés Aran will defend her thesis on December 8, 2015.


Arbonés Aran, Núria (2015). Capturing The Imaginary: Students And Other Tribes In Amsterdam (Doctoral dissertation). Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam.

Published by  CAREM 18 November 2015

Publication date

Nov 2015