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How can cities carve out new growth paths?

European cities are confronted with a rapidly changing economy. The crisis has destroyed jobs across both service and manufacturing industries, and has revealed the shakiness of the financial service sector. Jobs get lost, some businesses become obsolete, but at the same time, new growth areas are emerging.

In this dynamic economic landscape, some of the questions the URBACT workstream “New Urban Economies” explores are: what is the scope of action for cities to steer their economy? Should cities “sit and wait” for changes to come and affect them, or is
there room for pro-active urban policy to grasp emerging opportunities? If so, what is in their scope or action? How to act in a sustainable/ integrated way?

Reference Winden, Willem van, en L. Carvalho (2014) 'Capturing economic opportunities. How can cities carve out new growth paths? in Urbact Tribune, 27-33.
Published by  CAREM 30 September 2014

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Sep 2014


Luis de Carvalho